Energy saving Software controlled Outdoor Cabinets with DC free cooling air-conditioners for DC free cooled battery, fiber optic, MDF, power and telecom cabinets

Software controlled Outdoor Cabinets with DC Free Cooling inbuilt air-conditioner compressor and DC free-cooling. The cabinet can space 2 or 4 battery shelf’s with 100-800Ah battery bank. With new battery technologies one 2 metre cabinet can space 1100Ah inclusive small rectifier system, AC-DC Panel, DC air-conditioner in cabinet door, lightning protection, alarms and software RS 232 or 465 and optionally GPRS with electronic door keys and remote communication. Alarm sensors: burglary, fire, open door, earth quake, flooding and smoke alarms

  • Software RS232/465/GPRS electronic door key, remote communication, burglary, open door, earth-quake, flooding, fire and smoke alarms
  • C+ Technology with lead carbon battery technology enables Partial State of Charge and 20 years design life
  • Fast recharge battery bank results in approx. 5 cycles (4+1 h) per 24 hours and 6000 cycles, 48 Volt 2U high battery in 19 inch rail/rack and cabinet spaces up to 30 batteries totally 900AH or 53200Wh
  • IP55/65 Cabinet, walls and roof in double steel with top class injected insulation
  • LED lights and emergency light and lightning protection
  • Battery fuses with breaker in front of DC Panel
  • AC-DC Distribution Panel with selection of breakers and fuses for 1 and 3 phase
  • Plug and Play socket for diesel generator
  • DC Free Cooler with combined air-conditioner installed in the front door for easy access
  • Sufficiant cable glands in bottom of cabinet
  • Optional cages, hoods, foundation bolts, shading solar roof
  • Emergency cooling DC free cooling with air filters
  • Self-holding/locking safety mechanism to hold door open at service
  • Condensate water alarm
  • Grounding bus bar
  • High & Low temperature Alarm system
  •  Customized1 HowSaveEnergyEnergySaveDataroomandBTS HowSaveEnergy

Software Controlled Outdoor Battery Cabinet equipped with rectifier system, AC-DC panel, alarms, main breakers and fuses

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1 to 3 Tenants Outdoor AC-DC Power Cabinets_2015 |  Download (PDF)

Wind Hunter 48 Volt DC |  Download (PDF)

Outdoor Battery Cabinet |  Download (PDF)

48 Volt Hybrid Battery Blocks POWER MODULE with 148Ah |  Download (PDF)

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