High Energy Saving DC HEX and Free Cooling Units & Combined Air-Conditioner – HEX Heat Exchanger with 260W/K

48V DC Free Cooling for Battery, Fiber Optic, MDF, Power and Telecom cabinets, Oil & Gas Outdoor Cabinets or Shelter Sites can be combined with Hunter’s DC air-conditioners and BMS controllers with MODbus, TCP-IP and RS 232 & 468 connected sensors and alarms with remote communication. The powerful free cooling units are designed for different geographical markets and the functionality controls the internal environment in Battery, BTS, MDF, Power and Fiber Optic cross connect communications outdoor cabinets, shelters or small electronic enclosures. FCB function is to save energy and remove excess heat from temperature sensitive electronic equipment at very low power consumption from 100 W to save energy. Operates on 48 Volt DC.

  • Low power consumption from 100 W
  • HEX with high cooling capacity 260W per degree K temp. differential between ambient and indoor temp.
  • Speed regulated DC fans without start current “no grid peaks”
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled always operates above dew point  
  • Designed for high ambient temperature 55oC “T3 Climate”
  • Controls ready to be combined with DC Free Cooling, PV Solar and Batteries
  • DC supplied from battery bank or rectifiers
  • BMS RS 232 & 485 controls for remote communication with NOC and 48 V Hybrid Batteries with BMS Control
  • 48V DC Emergency cooling inbuilt

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 48V DC Heat Exchanger 260W/K |

| DC Free Cooling Unit |  48V DC-22I-02 48V  |

|Thermoelectric air-conditioner| HUNTEC-4-200W |

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W-HUNTER FCB small |  Download (PDF)
Outdoor Battery Cabinet |  Download (PDF)
48 Volt Hybrid Battery Blocks with 148Ah |  Download (PDF)