48V DC cooling products with low energy consumption – 48V DC Air-conditioners, RoHS, CE, TUV, T3 climate,
48V DC HEX Free Cooled Outdoor MDF Cabinet, 48V DC Cooled Outdoor Batter Cabinets, 48V DC Cooled Outdoor Fiber Optic Cross Cabinets, 48V DC Cooled Power Cabinets  

48V DC Air-conditioners for Mobile Telecom Outdoor Cabinet or Shelter Sites.  Energy saving 3 year warranty DC compressor with low power consumption,  slim air-conditioner unit design for plug & play quick installations, : 

  • Energy saving DC air-conditioners with low power consumption 1/4 of input cooling capacity
  • DC speed regulated compressor with low start current “no grid peaks”
  • Outdoor Cabinets with temperature and humidity controlled
  • Designed for high ambient temperature 55oC “T3 Climate”
  • Controls ready to be combined with DC Free Cooling, PV Solar and Batteries
  • DC supplied from battery bank or rectifiers
  • BMS Controller TCP IP, RS 232 & 465 for alarms, status and remote communication with NOC
  • 48 V Batteries with CANbus, MODbus BMS Control
  • DC Emergency cooling inbuilt
  • Easy installation “plug & play”
  • Low cost and low service intervals
  • Long Life time and 3 years warranty on DC compressor

Download product sheet

More information are available to download in Adobe Acrobat’s portable document format (PDF).

|  48V DC air-conditioner  500W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC Air-conditioner  800W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC air-conditioner 1000W Cooling Capacity|  

| 48V DC air-conditioner 1500W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC air-conditioner 2000W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC air-conditioner 2500W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC air-conditioner 3000W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC air-conditioning 3500W Cooling Capacity|

| 48V DC air-conditioner 4000W Cooling Capacity|

| Outdoor Power and Battery Cabinet 150-800Ah|

 48V DC Heat Exchanger 260W/K |

| DC Free Cooling Unit |  48V DC-22I-02 48V  Energy Star|

|Thermoelectric air-conditioner| HUNTEC-4-200W |

Wind Hunter 48 Volt DC |  Download (PDF)

Outdoor Battery Cabinet |  Download (PDF)

48V Hybrid Battery Blocks with 148Ah |  Download (PDF)