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With 16 years’ company experience in Energy, Telecom networks, Data Storage Centers, AC Grid, DC backup solutions, we want unique challenges and call for unique solutions, the first part of our problem solving is knowing what you’re up against. System studies allow your company to analyze and better understand the challenges, paving the way for effective and efficient solutions.

Hunter Consulting and Managed Service operates as an independent organization that is product and system-agnostic and have deep embedded knowledge of DC power technologies and local AC grid codes worldwide.  Let us do SoW, RFI, RFP and RFQ to identify the challenges and recommend TCO and ROI to solutions for your specific needs.

  • 48V DC backup in Outdoor Battery Cabinet with LFP batteries enhance life time and optimize performance during AC grid power failures.
  • Mobile network site solutions that ensure continuous 24/7 operation from LFP DC backup when there is AC power blackouts.
  • Field power network audits, feasibility and system impact studies.
  • Economic analysis, risk analyses and project justification
  • Business model impact analyses
  • Analysis of upgrade vs. replacement strategies
  • Transmission capability and utilization analysis
  • Power network applications for AC/DC interactions
  • Economic and stability impact of increased penetration of renewable energy systems centralized or distributed
  • Mobile telecom power systems reliability analysis and improvements
  • Asset life cycle management
  • Combined AC/DC Grid modernization planning and investment
  • Maintenance operations assessments
  • Earthing and lightning protection studies
  • Technical training
  • Replacement of gel/lead batteries to compact LFP batteries and release 75% space or foot print in current outdoor cabinet installations
  • Replacement to LFP batteries gives room to expand 3G, 4G & 5G and DC Power in existing mobile network cabinets or shelters
  • Off grid PV solar operates ATM cash machines in urban locations, days of autonomy with Hybrid PV Solar panels and LFP DC backup with ultra fast recharge
  • Intelligent Software cabinets communicates with CANbus, MODbus, RS232/465 or TCIP and remotely manage your cabinet hardware
  • With our software you can Check, Talk, Set and Reset remotely from Data centre or NOC
  • DC/AC power line cost cut, coordinating RF locations with power line locations in mobile telecom power  in Emergency (991, 112) networks
  • Optimization of AVR’s and PIU’s units to avoid voltage fluktuation, phase failure and extended DC backup battery life time

We have:

  • Experience in new technologies
  • Experience in financial calculations for high tech installations
  • Experience in life time calculation for telecom power network products
  • Experience in design, RFQ, RFP, ROI and procurement
  • Experience in sub-contractors

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