Hybrid Lithium Cell Solar Batteries


New Lithium Solution Technology, 15 years extended calender life time,  Excellent deep cycling 6000 cycles life time for Hybrid Solar Solutions  :

  • 48 Volt to 700 Volt  Battery Banks
  • Lithium Cell Battery for solar, wind and hydroelectricity energy storage
  • Backup power for UPS, emergency lighting
  • Off-grid & bad-grid environment
  • 15 years calender life or 6000 cycles life time
  • Excellent deep cycling performance
  • Stable product performance, reduces maintenance cost
  • New remote communication developments technology with CANbus, MODbus, RS or TCIP released 2015.
  • Battery can discharge without being full charged, does not affect battery life, adopt lithium cell technology
  • Battery banks from 140-1000Ah battery banks with 48 Volt Telecom DC applications and up to 700 Volt for pure electricity for an AC grid
  • Intelligent Software Battery Cabinet that communicate with your hardware

Download Battery Brochures:

  • Lithium Cell 48Volt 300Ah
  • Lithium Cell 48Volt 1000Ah