Go Hybrid recharge 4x times faster with 75% less space requirement in outdoor telecom and power cabinets. BMS Battery and Cabinet Controller communicate remotely and you can Check, Talk and Set your cabinet hardware with CANbus, MODbus, RS or TCIP– Our systems reduce TCO and ensure ROI.

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48V Hybrid LFP Battery recharge 4x faster after deep discharge and 4 times quicker than lead or Gel batteries. DC Battery Bank recharge time 1 hour for 4 hours DC battery supply from the backup. DC stand in when there is an AC grid failure or power blackout and supplies BTS with continuous 48V supply. Reduces need for diesel generator operation and indirectly save fuel consumption. Replace old lead batteries to Hybrid compact LFP batteries in existing installation and gain or release space. Battery swap from lead to LFP directly gains 75% space or foot print in outdoor cabinets for expansion of electronic equipment or 3G, 4G and 5G in existing outdoor cabinets.

  • Hybrid LFP batteries have quarter the size and weight is 50% less compared with lead batteries
  • LFP batteries have longer life cycle and can be deep discharged and recharged 1 to 4 times per day
  • 48V hybrid batterries reduces cabinets or shelters foot print with up to 75% compared with normal 12V VRLA batteries
  • Anti-Theft 48V batteries cannot be used in 12V or 24V boats, cars, trucks etc..
  • Hybrid batteries have 4x times faster re-charge after deep discharge compared with AGM/VRLA batteries.
  • In-Built Hybrid Battery Management System (BMS) Smart communication interface CANbus, MODbus, RS or TCP IP

Download Hybrid Battery product sheets

More information are available to download in Adobe Acrobat’s portable document format (PDF)

1 to 3 Tenants Outdoor AC-DC Power Cabinets_2015 |  Download (PDF)

Hunter Flex 3-21 kW Modular Rectifier System| Download (PDF)

[fontawesome icon=”download” circle=”no” size=”medium” iconcolor=”" circlecolor=”" circlebordercolor=3U 19″ Rack Mounted Hybrid Ion Lithium 63Ah |  Download (PDF)

Low voltage Hybrid Batteries designed for very compact Outdoor 48V DC Cooled Cabinets with DC Cooling.

When replacing standard 12 V batteries in 48 V strings 75% less space is required with LFP 48V Battery blocks. 6000 Cycles at 80% Deep discharge, 15 years calender life time no need for maintenance through inbuilt automatic fuse and remote communication with CANbus, MODbus, RS 232 and RS 465 or TCP IP communication. Check, instruct and talk with your cabinet hardware from data centre or NOC. Cloud service

DGB Telco Site Controller, Alternate DG-Battery-AC-Grid-Solar. Telco Site Controller with LFP Battery Bank can remotely alternate solar, wind, grid and DC backup,  through CANbus, MODbus, TCIP and RS communication.