Hunter was founded 1999 in Sweden to develop and manufacture dc cooled indoor and outdoor cabinets and shelters with DC free-cooling units and DC Air-conditioners.
18 years of market presence and customer service has developed the business into being specialized 0n Intelligent outdoor cabinets & shelters for battery, fiber optic cross connect, MDF, power and telecom cabinets in many indoor and outdoor applications.

Hunter is involved in mobile emergency 112 & 991 networks and have developed products and solutions for energy optimal 24/7 operations with DC power supplies during 120/240/400V and 700V power failures or shorter power blackouts from the AC grid.

Products and Site Solutions serving Autonom telecommunication sites OFF Grid – Grid-tied – ON Grid serving defence, emergency, EPC communication, mobile telecommunication, fixed telephone networks

PV Solar panels, MPPT chargers, sun iTracker, solar batteries, installation equipment, SoW specifications, drawings with full service

Hunter installation and consultants specializes in unique challenges that call for unique solutions and our priority is solving first part of problem to agree and know what we and you are up against.


AC-DC Power Modules with Distribution panels and Rectifiers, Outdoor Power Cabinets, MDF Cabinets, Fiber Optic Cross Cabinets, Pole Cabinets, Sreet Cabinets with MODbus TCP-IP, RS 465 communication and GPRS Modem, 48V DC HEX Free Cooling, 48V DC Free-Cooling,with inbuilt Air-Conditioner compressor, DC 48 V Hybrid Battery, DC Cooled Cabinets for batteries, power and telecommunication. PV solar panels with controllers for OFF-grid and ATM cash machines and uses fast and multiple discharge and recharge technology in cabinet designs


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