Flexible DC Power for Telecom, Wireless, UPS, Data Centres, Rectifier systems in 19 inch rail sub-rack mounting

Networks and communication systems require compact, flexible and expandable DC power solutions with 96% high efficiency and to operate on low power demands with energy saving

  • DC voltage adjustable range 42V~58V and AC voltage range:85~290VAC.
  • Converters high voltage AC to DC48V use for special DC equipment load
  • Active power factor compensation technology power factor of rectifier up to 0.99
  • High efficiency. Rectifier modules used soft switch technology, while load rate 10% efficiency can be 91%, 50% load rate the efficiency can be above 96%
  • With step less current limiter technology, output current is continuously adjustable
  • Complete battery protection and load disconnect management. It has LVD function, which maximizes to protect battery
5U Rectifier System_FrontFrontsmall

Hunter’s Flex rectifiers with controls operate with 96% efficiency and are very compact in size and optimized to build into new 19” and 22” sub-rack systems or as replacement in Power cabinets and racks

The rectifiers are designed to support: Mobile and Wireless Radio Base Stations, Cell Sites, Microwaves, LTE, 3 and 4G, Wimax, Broadband and all internal DC systems.

Hunter’s Flex DC Systems includes controls that communicate with Ethernet and have RS485, Rectifiers, Load Distribution, Battery Distribution and can have separate 19” or 22” AC-DC Panel with main breakers, switches and fuses.

Hunter’s Small Flex rectifiers with height 2U can be mounted in exsisting sub-rack DC Power systems. Combined with Hunter’s batteries they withstand any demand on the market where there is reuirements for 24/7 power support to Telecom, Wireless, UPS and Data Centres. The batteries can cycle from 3000 to 7000 cycles in a life time even with deep discharge @ 50% DoD and gives great opportunities to increase revenue and uptime for Telecom Operator around the globe.

Hunter Functional Telecom stands for Functional DC Solutions and our demand on our self is to supply DC Systems that can operate with Good, Bad and Off Grid installation no matter what conditions and if we cannot support a Functional DC Solutions we will not supply to you.

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More information are available to download in Adobe Acrobat’s portable document format (PDF).

Hunter Small Flex Rectifier | Download (PDF)

Hunter Flex 3-21 kW Modular Rectifier System| Download (PDF)

1 to 3 Tenants Outdoor AC-DC Power Cabinets_2015 |  Download (PDF)

48V Lithium Battery Blocks 148Ah |  Download (PDF)

 Hunter_TEC200W |  Download (PDF)

1 to 3 Tenants Outdoor AC-DC Power Cabinets_2015 |  Download (PDF)

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