Recharge your Battery Banks 4 times faster than with standard batteries with 75% less space requirement – Reduce diesel running cost with 75% – DG Telco Battery Site Controller alternate AC Grid / DG / Batteries – Our systems ensures fast ROI in 10-16 months with DG Site Solutions

Hunter is specialized in AC-DC Power, DG Telco Battery Site Controller, Hybrid Solar Systems, Lithium Cell Batteries and Intelligent  Software Climate Outdoor Cabinets that remotely Communicate with CANbus, MODbus, RS and TCIP , 1 hour re-charge time for battery banks in DC uninteruptable Power Soloutions to override power blackouts for Telecom, UPS, Data, Petrolium Sites. We distribute high class brands: Lithium Cell Batteries, DG Telco Battery Site Controller, AC-DC Rectifier Systems, Intelligent Outdoor Software Cabinets for Telecom and Power, AC-DC Power Distribution Panels, DC Free Cooling with combined Air-Conditioner, Battery Cabinets, PV Solar arrays, small wind turbines and Consult Service.

Our mission is to support all infrasructure and reduce energy consumption globally and use our Smart Software solutions to remotely communicate with your installations. Hunter’s product range support 24/7 operation with rapid and fast ROI in countries with poor grid and many power blackout as well as countries with very good grids. Hunter products are designed to work at any emergency situation with long and short power blackouts

  • Rapid fast 2 hours re-charge of 8 hours a Battery Bank
  • Solutions to Release installation space for new 4 or 5G in present installations without swapping outdoor cabinets
  • Intelligent Outdoor Software Cabinets with CANbus, MODbus, RS and TCIP remote communication with all componets
  • Outdoor Cabinets with Electronic Keys to remotely open cabinet door for service technichans
  • Energy Saving DC Free Cooling with combined Air-Con to cut energy costs
  • Our Solutions support fast ROI in 10-18 months combined with more uptime in 24/7 operation
  • DG Telco Site Controller alternate GRID/DG/BATTERY operation and communcate with CANbus, MODbus, RS and TCIP
  • Energy Audit and Consultant Service have boots on the ground in 48 hours

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Hunter Flex 3-21 kW Modular Rectifier System| Download (PDF)

1 to 3 Tenants Outdoor AC-DC Power Cabinets_2015 |  Download (PDF)

Wind Hunter 48 Volt DC |  Download (PDF)

 Hunter_TEC200W |  Download (PDF)